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Get it Together

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Phone is ringing, oh my God:

The Yanks just can’t get it together. They got pounded 8-1 on Saturday and then Big Mike got his tits lit but good yesterday and the Rangers had a quick 7-0 lead. Yanks fought all the way back to make it 7-6 but more sloppy base running helped do them in.

7-6 was the final. Oh, and count Aaron Hicks among the walking wounded. He will be on the shelf for a month.

Some Old Timer’s Day.


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The Little Third Baseman That Could

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Ronald Torreyes is not just a cute mascot who is hosted on Didi Gregorius’s shoulders every time A-Aron Judge homers. Last night, he made a trio of terrific plays in the field and then came through with a looping base hit in the bottom of the 10th inning to give the Yanks a much-needed, 2-1 win.

Masahiro Tanaka was excellent, he looked like his old self, and matching him was Yu Darvish.

Alas, Chris Carter—who made a few nice scoops at first last night—has gone the way of Garrett Jones and any number of other sluggers picked up on the cheap in the hopes that they would catch fire. Carter never did with the Yanks and he was DFA’d after the game. Seems like a good dude. And while this is likely a wise move by the team, and I won’t miss watching Carter’s at bats, I always feel badly when things don’t work out. Then again, he is making $3.5 million this year so I am not too broken up about it.

And Tyler Austin gets called up so be nice to see him again.

It is muggier than muggy today. Afternoon game at the Stadium.

Never mind the stupidity:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Someday a Real Rain Will Come

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Man, the Yanks kicked the ball around like a bunch of bumbling dillweeds the other night, Severino was Bump, Dellin Betances got lit up and the Yanks lost the game and the series.

Final Score: Angels 10, Yanks 5.

Hot and muggy in New York with thunderstorms on the forecast for this evening. They should get it in but it might be a long night.

The Rangers are in town.

Never mind the gloom:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Yes, Please

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Hey, a win. We remember those.

8-4, Yanks. Not pretty, but comedy never is.

Tonight, they go for the series win.

Never mind the heat:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Is it Safe to Look, Yet?

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Yanks came home and got pounded by the Angels as their slump continues.

Big Mike was deliberate to the point of being insufferable and also not that good. But it was the bullpen again that shit the bed.

Final Score: Angels 8, Yanks 3.

More tonight. After an afternoon shower it is hot and humid.

Something’s gotta give.

Never mind the bitchin’ and moaning’:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Looking Ahead

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That really was the road trip from Hell, wasn’t it? And now Gleyber Torres is gone for the year with TJ surgery?


Yanks back at it against the Angels tonight at the Stadium. Let’s hope being home sets the guys back on the good foot. Can’t get any worse? Wait—we know the answer to that.

Ah, never mind the Nay-Saying:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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The Hits Keep Coming

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Count Yankee uber-prospect Gleyber Torres among the walking wounded as he hyperextended his left elbow sliding into home plate yesterday.

Oy and Veh. And by the way the Yanks lost again yesterday, this time 5-2, with our man Masahiro looking less than impressive still.

Last Sunday night after completing a 3-game clubbing of the Orioles the trip out West found the team in good spirits. Now, they are a loss away from making the nightmare complete and the return trip a bummer. Here’s hoping they leave Oakland with a “W” then get back for some home-cooking.

Never mind the blues, baby:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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No, I’m Not Alright, Spider

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

Yanks bullpen blew a game late on the West Coast and the Yankees lost.


This is beginning to get irritating.

It’s our man Masahiro—and hold your breath—this afternoon in Oakland.

Never mind the losing streak:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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No, I Thought You Said That You Were Alright Spider


Right. So last night the Yanks lost again in extra innings. Gary Sanchez and Aaron Hicks left the game with injuries which leaves us with a funky lineup tonight:

LF Rob Refsnyder
RF Aaron Judge
DH Matt Holliday
2B Starlin Castro
1B Chris Carter
3B Chase Headley
C Austin Romine
SS Ronald Torreyes
CF Mason Williams
RHP Luis Severino

Never mind the self-pity:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!


For You Blue

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Always the same when the Yanks are out in Anaheim. Bad things happen. The blew two games that were winnable. Duh-Rag.

Now for 4 in Oakland. Let’s hope things turn back our way.

They sure don’t for my boy, Greg Bird. Oy and Veh.

Never mind the late nights:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Aie, Aie


Oh, man. Well, you knew something had to give. Unfortunately, it was C.C.’s hamstring, which chased him from the game early and will likely put him on the D.L. In the meantime, Tyler Clippard gave up a late lead for the second-straight night and the Yanks fell in extra innings to the Angels, 3-2.

Quelle dommage.

Munch a Buncha

In n Out Burger

The Big Fella is on the bump for our boys tonight.

Let’s hope he keeps on keepin’ on.

Never mind the bandwagon:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Come and Get It (While the Gettin’ is Good)

Baseball Field in LA

If you stayed up late to watch the game last night sleep came easily after Aaron Judge’s 2-run homer in the 8th put the Yanks ahead for good.

I think I can safely speak for most Yankee fans when I say—Pinch me.

Final: Yanks 5, Angels 3.

Tanaka was not great but he was better. Thank you, kindly, my dude.

A Way Out West

L.A. Sunset

Masahiro Tanaka looks to get himself straight tonight in Anaheim. Yanks are on the west coast all week—3 in Orange County, followed by a 4-game series in Oakland.

Never mind the In-and-Out Burgers!

Let’s Go Yank-ees!


Afternoon Art

Dairy Queen

Painting by Will Rafuse. 

Taster’s Cherce

sour rasberry float

Sour raspberry float with marshmallow creme. Uh, d’okay.

To The Surprise Of Absolutely No One, Yanks Beat The (B)uck Outta The Orioles


“Oh Look, it’s the Score Tru–”NEEEYYOWWWW!!!!

No, that would be the right fielder. Let’s just call him Score Truck so everyone can get out of his way. This guy is amazing (in the good way, not the Northern Blvd way). And the best part is that it seems like it hasn’t gone to his head yet.  Here’s hoping that it remains that way for the entirety of his career and whatever follows. But I’m not here to anoint a new Chosen One; all things considered, Aaron Judge has been better than anyone could imagine so far, but that’s the thing: did anyone really expect this?

Well, later for that; what’s even more amazing is that he’s far from the only one doing major damage for this team. Everyone in the lineup from lead-off to the nine-spot has the potential (and pretty much has in this series) break out with a moonshot or two: ask the guy whose been playing serious catch-up lately, Gary Sanchez (thank goodness they wised up and put him back in the middle of the lineup instead of the two-spot? Really?) Ask Brett, Ask The Other One >;), Starlin, Matt, Didi, well not so much Chase though he could and has before… but Chris Carter is probably the home-runningest guy hitting ninth and that’s not getting into the nicks-and-scratches guys on the bench. These guys got that swing.  The Mostly Baby-Faced Bosses were last seen making chicken pot pie out of the visiting Baltimore Orioles to the tune of 38 runs to the Orioles’ 8 over three days in the Bronx.  Talk about a critical beatdown…

So yeah, that’s all I wanted to say for now.  This team is pretty much speaking for itself and is constantly leaving people speechless. I suppose some folks are busy stuffing bad pizza in their orifices due to that unfortunate promotion offering half off anything when the Yanks score six or more runs in a game… but we won’t speak of that either. Chicken Pot Pie is a nice alternative for the time being. Starting pitching is still a hold-your-breath kind of issue, but so far I enjoy what I’ve seen for the most part. Happiness is a win in front of the home crowd, after all). Next up: 31934


P.S.: 495 feet… I mean, who does that?

Bronx Bombing (Duck Alert)

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I don’t remember who around here came up with the concept of “The Score Truck.” Was it Hank Waddles or Chyll Will? Or someone else. Man, I don’t recall but I know it was created because the Yanks were having trouble scoring runs.

These days, not so much. Feels like every game they win is a blowout.

Yesterday, it was over before it started. Though Chris Tillman retired the first two batters, Aaron Judge followed with a rope into the left field seats, the kind of home run Dave Winfield and Gary Sheffield used to hit (and the kind that lights up the Exit Velocity Meter these days). Before the inning was over, the Yanks scored 6 runs. And a long night ended with a lopsided, 16-3 final score.


More this afternoon on a scorcher in the BX.

Never mind prosperity:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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A-Aron—No, the Other One

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Aaron Hicks continues the greatest season of his career with a couple of homers on Friday night as the Yanks breezed to an 8-2 win over the visiting O’s. It was close for awhile and Jordan Montgomery was excellent again. My pal Glenn Stout is a pitching fanatic and he thinks Montgomery is a unique blend of Andy Pettite’s size and motion, Jimmy Key’s approach, and Dennis Rasmussen’s stiffness.

Good one. 

More tonight with our guy, Luis Severino on the hill. I like him more than any Yankee starter right now.

Never mind the heat wave:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Moving On

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Yanks beating the Sox, especially when they blow them out, never gets old and so Thursday’s 9-1 romp was a pleasure. David Price took a beatin’, led by Gary Sanchez who hit a couple of homers and had 5 RBI.

The Orioles are in town for the weekend and with it the weather has turned warm, positively summerish.

Never mind the climate shock:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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